Very good boy. Very fast boy.

Dogs are man’s best friend, so they say, and they also might be man’s fastest friend. 

Just look at this dog crashing a track meet in Utah. The pup, with blazing speed, covered 100 meters in 10.5 seconds, which isn’t quite a world record, but it’s still very fast.

The dog wasn’t quite in a full sprint, either, as it matched the leader step-for-step entering the home stretch of the race.

It’s probably a little unfair because the dog got a running start, but the pup cleared nearly an entire football field in that span, which means it might be a viable selection for slot receiver at next week’s NFL Draft. And if nothing else, the Olympics are right around the corner.

The world record for the 100m dash is 9.58 seconds set by Usain Bolt in 2009. The fastest species of dog is the greyhound, which can reach speeds of more than 40 mph. 

Netflix is likely already making a mini-series on this canine. 

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