With Cavan set for an All-Ireland semi-final against Dublin on Saturday next week, there has been a great deal of talk around potentially moving the match out of Croke Park.

Breffni County manager Mickey Graham has called on the GAA to consider a stadium other than the Jones’ Road venue, given that crowd capacities are not an issue this season.

Cavan star Thomas Galligan feels they would have a better chance if the match were to be played elsewhere.

“I’d just expect it to be in Croke Park because it’s an All-Ireland semi-final. It would probably help us if it was out of Croker,” said the Lacken man.

“It’s not up to us to make a call on that, the GAA will make a call on that. We’ll play wherever. At this stage we were meant to be long beat, so we’ll go out and give them a go.

“They’re well used to playing there but I think everyone loves to play and wants to play in Croker. I don’t think anyone would be disappointed if we had to play it in Croker because growing up that’s exactly where you want to play. You want to be playing the best team in the country in Croker. If you make it there, you’ll make it anywhere.

“You’re playing the best team in the country and you’ll really know where you’re at when you play them. There might be a bit of ‘daunt’ or whatever, but more people will be excited to get playing them. If you said at the start of the year that Cavan would be in an All-Ireland semi-final you would have gotten good odds. I think we’ll enjoy it more-so than be afraid of it.”

Meanwhile, Galligan was thrilled with how his side upset the odds in the provincial decider against Donegal.

“You were listening to it all week about how you hadn’t a chance. And you hadn’t a chance against Down, hadn’t a chance against Monaghan,” he smiled.

“People say it doesn’t matter, but that really gets on a lad’s shoulder. Yeah, everyone will use their own way to motivate themselves, but for me that was a big enough thing because I’m just sick of people putting Cavan down, to be honest. I think a lot of people would have used it to motivate themselves.

“Nobody expected us to get here. There’s no pressure on us, we’re going out and playing football. The favourites tag probably weighed heavily on Donegal the other night, so hopefully it’ll be the same for Dublin.”

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