The rip jobs Andrew Luck sparked by stunningly retiring during the NFL preseason include one from a longtime NFL quarterback.

Steve Beuerlein, who played 14 NFL seasons and is now a college analyst for CBS, lit into Luck on Twitter over the timing of the retirement.

“I am a HUGE #AndrewLuck fan… always have been. But this I cannot defend or justify. NO scenario where retirement is defensible,” Beuerlein wrote to begin a series of tweets. “To do this to his teammates, organization, fans, and the NFL 2 weeks before the season is just not right. I love the guy but this will haunt him.

“Point is this is a massive decision he SAID he has pondered for 10 DAYS! #Colts invested in him for 5-10 more YRS! Go on IR, get away for a few weeks and think about it. Get healthy for 2nd half of season and make a run! #Colts are good! If #Jacoby goes 4-4 they have a chance!

“The MILLIONS he walked away from affects only HIM. The DECISION to walk away just prior to the season affects his TEAM, ORGANIZATION, FANBASE, and the ENTIRE NFL… ALL had invested in him for this year at least. Walk away AFTER the season.

“His team needs him to make this run. I know rehab is tough. I had 19 surgeries as a player… 8 over 2 years. It sucks! But he owes it to his team. It is just a lower leg injury and it will heal! Just give it a chance. If it doesn’t walk away after this year.”

Beuerlein joins Fox Sports’ Doug Gottlieb in taking to Twitter to rip Luck. Gottlieb’s tweet prompted a passionate response from his colleague Troy Aikman, who called Gottlieb’s comment “total bulls–t.”

Luck’s top target with the Colts does not seem to agree with Beuerlein’s concern.

T.Y. Hilton has been Luck’s go-to Colts target since the team drafted both players in 2012. Hilton posted a photo collage on Twitter of him and Luck Sunday night.

“Every time i think about it, Tears start to flow ???,” Hilton wrote. “No one understands you like i do. Our bond is one of a kind. I’ve decided to dedicate my season to my BEST FRIEND. I Love You 12. #Luck2Hilton.”

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