Despite their long-term struggles on the court, the New York Knicks remain the NBA’s most valuable team, according to a new report.

Sportico published its report of all 30 NBA team valuations in 2021. The Knicks, unsurprisingly, claimed the top spot with a value of $5.42 billion.

Last year, the Knicks were valued at $4.6 billion by Forbes, also topping their list of NBA team valuations.

The Golden State Warriors, whose value has increased rapidly since their 2014-15 championship season, are second on Sportico’s list with a value of $5.21 billion. The Los Angeles Lakers are a close third at $5.14 billion.

In Forbes’ rankings from 2020, the Lakers were valued at $4.4 billion, only behind the Knicks. The Warriors were a close third on Forbes’ list with a value of $4.3 billion.

The Brooklyn Nets are fourth on Sportico’s list with a value of $3.40 billion. This is their first season with Kevin Durant, who missed the entire 2019-20 season recovering from a ruptured right Achilles tendon in the 2019 NBA Finals with the Warriors.

Last week, the Nets acquired Houston Rockets All-Star and 2018 league MVP James Harden, giving them a new super trio of he, Durant and Kyrie Irving. If these three can lead the Nets to a championship or two, their value will only increase.

Rounding out the top 10 on Sportico’s list (in order) are the Boston Celtics ($3.18 billion), Chicago Bulls ($3.14 billion), Houston Rockets ($2.77 billion), Los Angeles Clippers ($2.63 billion), Dallas Mavericks ($2.58 billion) and Toronto Raptors ($2.55 billion).

The top 10 teams on Sportico’s list were also featured in the top 10 of Forbes’ aforementioned 2020 valuations.

In all, nearly half the teams (14) were given a value of over $2 billion. The Washington Wizards barely met the mark with a value of $2.05 billion.

The New Orleans Pelicans ($1.35 billion), Memphis Grizzlies ($1.36 billion), Minnesota Timberwolves ($1.43 billion), Charlotte Hornets ($1.51 billion) and Orlando Magic ($1.53 billion) were listed as the five least valuable in Sportico’s rankings.

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