MIKE TYSON once gave rapper Ed Lover a Bentley for FREE 'as money didn't mean nothing' to the heavyweight legend.

Iron Mike was rumoured to be worth around $300million during his heyday, and enjoyed the highlife.

So much so, that Lover – real name James Roberts – revealed Tyson gifted him a Bentley out of generosity.

And Tyson, now 54, confirmed the story in an interview with VLADTV.

He said: "I had cars. Money didn't mean nothing to me.

"It's like you said, if I had $300 million — well, it's something around $300 million — so, what would $500 thousand matter?

"I just had a lot of money back then. I had more money than anyone in our community had. Even the entertainers, I had more money than now.

"So, I never had money before it's what you do when you never had money. You buy a lot of goodies for you and your friends that never had money."

Lover explained that Tyson handed him the keys to his motor so that he could travel back to his mothers house.

But the musician had the car for three weeks until he claims Iron Mike's ex-manager John Horne called to pick it back up.

It was only 15 years later that Tyson told Lover the car was meant to be a present, and that it was nabbed by his manager.

Lover recalled: "He said, 'You know I gave you that car, right? I said, 'What?'

"He said, 'Nah, I gave it to you. I wanted you to have that, you was my man and I knew you couldn't afford a Bentley or nothing like that and I like to have all my friends be fly and I really wanted you to have that'.

"He said, 'John came and got that, these jealous motherf***ers, right?' And I said, 'Yup'. "

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