MIKE TYSON claimed he 'used to rob' children just like his 12-year-old daughter when he was growing up.

The legendary heavyweight, who is set to fight old rival Evander Holyfield next, claimed 'my kids are better than me'.

Tyson has two children with wife Lakiha Spicer including his 12-year-old daughter Milan.

Speaking during his podcast with Devin Haney, he admitted he used to rob girls just like her.

The 54-year-old, who has fathered eight kids, said: "My kids are better than me now.

"Right now, my kids are better than me. Because my daughter, she is 12, I was locked up at 12.

"And she is a smart a** at 12. Spoilt, have everything. I used to rob children like that.

"Now, I raise children like that. Life is great."

Tyson was raised in Brownsville, a neighbourhood rife with crime, and he didn't know his biological father Purcell Tyson.

His stepdad Jimmy Kirkpatrick walked out on him and his family soon after he was born.

Before he had turned 13, Tyson had been arrested around 38 times and was sent to a juvenile home called Tryson school for boys.

Tyson weighed in at a whopping 14st when he had his first ever fight at the age of 13.

He knocked out his 17-year-old opponent which sparked a huge brawl in the ring.

Footage shows him knocking out an opponent in just eight seconds when he was 15 years old.

Lennox Lewis described teenage Tyson as a 'giant' who was 'knocking people out easy'.

He battled drug addictions during his career and he was convicted of rape and thrown behind bars in 1992.

But the reformed fighter is delighted that his kids – who have become addicted to boxing – live a different life to the one he did.

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