ROY JONES JR believes Mike Tyson could become heavyweight champion again and beat Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua.

Despite now being 54, the American says Iron Mike’s “explosive punching power” alone  could propel him back to the top.

Jones Jr is coming out of retirement to face Tyson in an exhibition match on November 28.

He insists if his opponent can ‘take care of himself well for a six month period’ he would do well against the heavyweights of today.

And he has every confidence the Baddest Man on the Planet could ‘get to their chin’ and get the win inside three rounds.

Jones Jr told Fight Hub TV: “He [Tyson] has one thing that most of them don’t have except Deontay Wilder which is tremendous punching power.

“When you got tremendous punching power what Mike got, he got a chance.

“Because he can end most of the fights in under three rounds.

“Most of these guys, all you got to do is get to their chin and he got them, because he has that much explosiveness in his punch.

“Yeah I believe if he got in shape, took care of himself for a six month period, he would definitely cause a problem in the heavyweight division, right now again.”

Tyson has been sending fans wild with his training clips ahead of his return to the ring.

And his body transformation has also left many in awe prior to the comeback.

Despite Fury and Joshua being in the prime of their careers and being the current king of the division, Jones Jr is adamant Tyson would do more than just compete against them.

He added: “I think he could do well against them two without a doubt, with just his explosive punching power, that’s it.”

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