LOGAN PAUL takes on Floyd Mayweather this weekend in one of the most bizarre boxing bouts in history.

The YouTube sensation has amassed a huge following throughout his career before getting into boxing with fights against fellow YouTuber KSI.

Despite failing to win either of them, Paul will get his chance to make history against 50-0 legend Mayweather, who hasn't fought since December 2018.

Paul is set to earn a whopping pay-day, but the 26-year-old already has some serious cash at his disposal.

What is Logan Paul's net worth?

Logan Paul is one of the most famous internet stars on the planet – and with that fame comes a hefty bank balance.

According to AS, Logan Paul is worth £14million as of 2021, thanks to numerous revenue streams.

Paul has around 23 million subscribers on YouTube, has his own podcast imPAULsive and even owns his own clothing brand.

Maverick Clothing is said to have sold £2.1m of clothing in three Fays when the company first launched.

Paul also has plenty of endorsement deals thanks to his influencer lifestyle.

Mayweather's foe has worked with brands such as Nike, Pepsi and TV streaming platform HBO in the past.

Posting on his social media platforms can earn him around £100,000 a pop.

What is Logan Paul getting to fight Floyd Mayweather?

Paul is getting paid a lot, not that he's aching for a huge pay-day or anything, as he already makes millions from his YouTube channel.

The viral sensation told TMZ that he's likely to make around $20m (£14m) for his huge eight-rounder with Mayweather in Miami.

Paul hasn't fought since November 2019, when he dropped a decision to fellow YouTube mogul KSI in the rematch from their amateur bout in 2018.

Though Mayweather is the more experienced, Paul boasts extensive physical advantages, including height, weight and reach.

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