LOGAN PAUL has called out his own BROTHER Jake for a fight and claimed 'he gets beat up by my sparring partners'.

The pair of social media sensations have long rivalled each other through their YouTube channels but have now crossed it over to boxing.

And despite regularly training together and showing their support when one another fights, the two are adamant they will one day share the ring.

Things have now escalated after Jake, 23, accused Logan, 25, of being a 'faker fighter'.

And it led to the elder Paul once again challenging his little brother to prove who is the superior boxer.

Logan said on his YouTube channel: "I fully support Jake whatever drama he wants to stir or create, it really doesn't bother me.

"Like, 'Oh, you're a fake boxer.' Okay. Let's box, because Jake is the kid that gets beat up by my sparring partners. That's that kid."

Logan made his professional debut in 2019, losing to internet rival KSI, 27, by split-decision after being deducted two points.

Jake on the other hand, has had two knockout wins and left ex-NBA star Nate Robinson, 36, out cold and into a viral meme in November.

But, despite his losing record, Logan will face all-time great Floyd Mayweather, 43, in February.

And Jake was left less than impressed and slammed the fight as a gimmick which he thinks will leave stain on boxing's reputation.

He told TMZ Sports: “My brother’s f****. It’s bad for the sport, I think it’s just for clout. My brother’s a fake fighter, I’m the real fighter."

Jake once accused his ex-partner Alissa Violet of getting together with Logan – and the brothers even made diss tracks about each other.

In one video, called 'The Fall of Jake Paul', Logan says: "Uh oh, that's Alissa Violet, used to be your chick. Now she in the Logang and you know she on my… team."

Despite the verbal warfare in 2017, the pair have since made up and Jake has helped his brother prepare to fight Mayweather.

That is despite Logan astonishingly revealing they will one day be beating the s*** out of each other in what he says will be ‘one of the most historical fights ever’.

He told Showtime: "My dad does not want us to do that. But I think it's inevitable.

"In two to four years' time, I think Jake and I are going to be beating the s*** out of each other in a ring, and I think it'll be one of the most historical fights ever.

"The Klitschkos didn't do it. They had a chance, right? Our mum tried to make us agree to never do that.

"But you got the one tatted up problem child, and then you got the podcasting-Pokemon-collecting-apoxie-producing, fcking whoever else I am.

"So, that would be something."

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