‘Get your own house in order!’: Italy’s 100m Olympic champ Lamont Marcell Jacobs revels in CJ Ujah’s failed drugs test which ‘makes me SMILE’, as Team GB face being stripped of relay medal despite double-gold winner facing a doping probe of his own

  • Team GB sprinter CJ Ujah has been suspended after a failed drug test in Tokyo
  • Italy’s 100m star Lamon Marcell Jacobs has also faced suspicions of doping 
  • Jacobs won gold in both 100m and the 4x100m relay in memorable Olympics
  • He hit back at insinuations of doping and said Ujah’s probe ‘makes him smile’ 
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Italy sprinter Lamont Marcell Jacobs has hit back at suspicions of doping after his shock double gold medal triumph at the Olympics game – and said others should ‘look into your own house first’ after CJ Ujah’s failed drug test.

Jacobs was the shock winner of the 100m in Tokyo – setting a European record of 9.80 seconds in the final – and then followed that up with a gold medal in the 4x100m relay.

Last week it was reported that Jacobs’ nutritionist Giacomo Spazzini was under investigation by Italian police for allegedly illegally distributing anabolic steroids. Spazzini has looked to take credit for Jacobs’ success – giving multiple interviews in Italy claiming how he had positively affected Jacobs’ career and helped him reach the pinnacle of athletics this summer. 

Lamont Marcell Jacob has hit back at accusations of doping at the Tokyo Olympics

He also took a swipe at British sprinter CJ Ujah after he failed a drugs test, saying the investigation ‘makes him smile’ 

Jacobs said he cut ties with Spazzini after first hearing of the allegations, and now insists he is not affected by insinuations he was involved in doping, claiming he ‘knows the sacrifices I went through to get here’. 

Ujah, who also competed in the 4x100m relay – playing a key role to help secure a silver medal for Team GB – has been suspended after an alleged doping violation, and Jacobs was keen to take a swipe at his sprinting rival, admitting the investigation into the British star ‘makes him smile’.

‘Doping? The situation has not touched me so much,’ he told Tuttosport. ‘I know the sacrifices and the blows I went through to get here and instead I want to enjoy it 100 per cent. 

Jacobs said his accusers should ‘look into your own house first’ amid the probe into Ujah, with the AIU looking into his sample of the anabolic aid Ostarine and S-23


Ostarine is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) – a type of therapeutic compound used for stimulating tissue growth like muscle and bone. 

The substance is not approved for human consumption in any country and they are prohibited at all times in sport by WADA. 

There have been a rising number of positive tests involved ostarine and other SARMs in recent years, with athletes likely to obtain the substance from black market channels.

Ostarine can be found in other products – but only illegal ones, and a doctor will never prescribe a treatment or medication that contains it.

Some dietary supplements can contain SARMs such as ostarine and are sold as ‘legal steroids’ or ‘research only’ chemicals, according to USADA.

There is interest in ostarine to treat a number of muscle-wasting diseases, including cancer, osteoporosis and hypogonadism. 

‘After seeing the Ujah investigation I would say that perhaps it is better to look into your own house first and then attack others. It makes me smile.’

The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) said they were looking into the presence in the 27-year-old’s sample of the anabolic aid Ostarine and S-23, which aids muscle building.

The UK Anti-Doping Agency (Ukad) website describes Ostarine as having ‘a similar effect to testosterone’, adding: ‘Dietary supplements containing Ostarine typically claim to promote muscle building. Unscrupulous manufacturers may market such products as “legal steroids” or “steroid alternatives”.’ 

Ostarine is not approved for human use or consumption in any country. There are products that contain the substance – but only illegal ones, and there are no legal medications that contain it. 

No matter what medical condition you may have, a doctor is not legally allowed to prescribe a patient with ostarine for treatment. It is currently being investigated a way to treat a number of muscle-wasting diseases – such as cancer, osteoporosis and hypogonadism.  

Ujah faces a possible four-year ban, and if the findings lead to a conviction, the relay quartet and Team GB could be stripped of the silver medal they won last Friday.

He has the right to request an analysis of his B sample and has two to four weeks to respond, as reported by the Times. Should his B sample confirm the findings, the Court of Arbitration for Sport will take on the case.  

Jacobs – who won the gold medal in the 100m and 4x100m relay – says his success at the Games was down to hard work and sacrifice

Jacobs parted ways with his nutritionist Giacomo Spazzini, who is under investigation by Italian police for allegedly illegally distributing anabolic steroids

It comes after Nigerian sprinter Blessing Okagbare was provisionally suspended after testing positive for human growth human before her 100m semi-final. Last week Jacobs insisted these ‘controversies do not affect me’ after some casted doubt over his 100m victory.

‘I have been through disappointments and defeats, but I always got back up and rolled my sleeves up,’ he said. ‘If I have reached this point, it is only thanks to hard work. They can write what they want.’

Earlier this week the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI) blasted suggestions in the media that cast doubt on Jacobs’s victory in the 100 metres, saying the reports were ’embarrassing and unpleasant’. 

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