WORLD'S Strongest Man competitor Iron Biby has some big plans for his career.

Known as one of the world's strongest pressers, the 30-year-old is aiming to become the WSM Champion, while also keeping the door open for a potential switch in careers.

Down 88pounds over the past eight months, the 6ft2 giant is set to compete at his first World's Strongest Man this year.


Having previously missed out on taking part in 2018, after he contracted Malaria, Biby told The U.S. Sun that he's "excited to see how I will perform" given his relatively limited experience with much of the equipment on hand.

"Honestly, apart from deadlift and log, most of the events are very new for me," Biby admitted.

"I just had like eight days to train them. I'm excited to see how I will perform, but I'm going with all my heart.

"You know, when I want to do something, I do it with all my heart and I will give my best in every event."


But while he intends to give it his all, he also seems to know to keep his expectations tempered, especially given his lack of experience and recent weight loss.

On the plus side, Biby's slimmer physique could help him when it comes to events such as Conan's Wheel that require more agility and speed.

He admitted that his "stamina is better than before," however, "I think I probably lost like 40% of my strength too."

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"So it will all play together. I'm getting used to this body weight and I'm enjoying it.

"So with this year's World Strongest Man, I will really see where I place, like with myself and how I can improve and come back stronger.

"But honestly, I'm feeling better with this body shape and I hope with more and more training you will see more performance coming from me."


While winning the crown in 2023 might be a tall order, Biby still has his eyes firmly set on dominating the strength world in other areas this year.

He said that In October, he plans to head to Glasgow, Scotland where he aims to break his own log lift world record.

"I want to do 235 kilograms (518pounds)," he said.

"I will break my own record, so I don't care if I lost weight or something. It's still in my plan."


Outside of competing, Biby also said he has "other plans, especially for my country."

Exactly what these were he didn't specify, but what he did later note was that he has started promoting the sport of Strongman back in Burkina Faso.

He explained: "There are a couple of strongman shows but the level is not very high. But it takes time.

"If we give another five or ten years, there will be a couple of strongmen.

"Even my young brother is coming. He might be maybe stronger than me."

Biby even said he can see himself competing against his brother someday, calling him "a very solid, a very hundred kilogram solid, solid person."


Away from Strongman, Biby could be destined for another sporting career that takes advantage of his huge online fame and larger-than-life persona.

Unlike some of his competitors, Biby didn't grow up watching Strongman.

In fact, he said that back in Africa, wrestling was his choice of viewing material as a child.

And when asked if he can see himself turning to the WWE in the future, an enthusiastic Biby said "Of course, of course, yes."

"If they want to call me, I'm ready.

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"I think I will actually even be better at wrestling than strongman because of my athletic background."

And if any name screamed wrestler, it has to be Iron Biby.

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