New Zealand are assured of a spot in the World Test Championship final – and England could yet be their opponents.

Joe Root’s team must win at least three of the four Tests in India over the coming weeks to seal a meeting with the Black Caps.

New Zealand’s place in the final was sealed with the postponement of the Test series between South Africa and Australia due to Covid-19.

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Only one side – either current championship leaders India or fourth-placed England – can possibly top New Zealand’s win percentage of 70 so the Black Caps will definitely feature in the final, scheduled for Lord’s in late June.

ICC World Test Championship (teams in bold have no more games to play)

Here’s what England, India and third-placed Australia need to happen in order to join the Kiwis in the top two…


    • Win at least three Tests in India


    • Beat England by a margin of 4-0, 3-0, 3-1, 2-0 or 2-1


    • India vs England series ends in a draw
    • India win the series 1-0
    • England win a maximum of two Tests

    How India vs England results will impact percentage

    If England win 4-0: India 59.7% England 73.9%

    If England win 3-0: India 61.1% England 71.1%

    If England win 3-1: India 63.9% England 69.7%

    If England win 2-0: India 62.5% England 68.3%

    If England win 2-1: India 65.3% England 67.7%

    If England win 1-0: India 63.9% England 66.3%

    If series tied 0-0: India 65.3% England 62.8%

    If series tied 1-1: India 66.7% England 64.2%

    If series tied 2-2: India 68.1% England 65.6%

    If India win 4-0: India 76.4% England 57.2%

    If India win 3-0: India 73.6% England 58.6%

    If India win 3-1: India 72.2% England 61.4%

    If India win 2-0: India 70.8% England 60.0%

    If India win 2-1: India 69.4% England 62.8%

    If India win 1-0: India 68.1% England 61.4%

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