POLICE who arrested Harry Maguire in Mykonos insist they treated him like “just another drunk Brit”.

The Manchester United skipper, 27, says he feared he was being abducted as the plain-clothes officers who grabbed him did not identify themselves.

In a BBC interview, he also repeated his claim that the brawl at a bar that led to his arrest began when two Albanian men injected his sister Daisy, 20, with a drug.

But one of the officers said they always identify themselves and added: “There was no mention of Albanians and nothing about his sister.

“That issue was never raised. We didn’t treat him differently to other drunk British guys.”

He said of Maguire’s version of events: “Every time he opens his mouth, he lies. This was just a drunk guy getting in a fight. We deal with it a lot.

“But it has turned into something else with everything he says.

"Why would eight police surround him and not identify themselves? We’d lose our jobs.”

Maguire was last week found guilty of assaulting police and attempted bribery and got a suspended jail sentence.

That verdict was nullified when his lawyers submitted an appeal.

Prosecutor Ioannis Paradissis has criticised Maguire for not apologising for punching police.

Maguire told the BBC he does not owe an apology and the cops were only hurt when he tried to flee after they hit him.

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