FA CHIEFS would welcome any offer from Uefa to stage more games at Euro 2020.

PM Boris Johnson told The Sun that he was making an invitation to Euro football bosses and that the UK could even host the entire tournament.

Dublin, Glasgow and Bilbao are all struggling to be able to give Uefa the guarantees it is seeking over fans in the ground, with the deadline for compliance April 7.

And while Wembley chief executive Mark Bullingham insisted the FA was “100 per cent not lobbying” Uefa to dole out more matches, he admitted an approach from Nyon would be met with open arms.

Bullingham said: “Our understanding is that Uefa is still keen on the tournament being hosted in 12 countries.

“If for any reason, Uefa or the country in question decided they don’t want to host and came to uis, we would want to help Uefa, knowing we have the stadia and the Government support to do it.

“We know a number of other countries would be in the same position.

“I’m not assuming that there will be extra games and we’re 100 per cent not lobbying Uefa for anything.

“But we would be one of the countries Uefa would consider for those extra games. That’s where we are.”


Bullingham also welcomed the initial £2.9m Government package to fund the first stage of the feasibility study into the proposed five nation British Isles bid to host the 2030 World Cup.

He added: “In terms of 2030, we were delighted to get the Government funding and to get £25m for grassroots football. That was really important.

“We will conduct that feasibility study and look at where we get to.

“Next year Fifa will be releasing the bid regulations and parameters and we will hopefully be in a good position to look at what those are and decide from there, although we believe the actual decision will be made at the Congress in 2024.

“We wouldn’t be doing this if we weren’t serious about the project but we haven’t made a final decision yet.

“You have to consider the stadia you might use.

“We’d need eight or nine in England and you can see 15 pretty strong candidates for that.

“There is a fair amount of infrastructure work to be done before you even consider your competitive landscape.”

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