Disgraceful moment coach of an under-11s footy team fights an official at a game – just days after soccer referee had his jaw broken in sickening attack

  • Shocking brawl unfolded after junior rugby league match
  • Involved a coach and touch judge in suburban Brisbane
  • Witnesses labelled the scenes ‘disgusting behaviour’

Sickening footage of a brawl between a coach and touch judge at a junior rugby league match has emerged online, with parents who were on the sideline labelling the scenes ‘disgusting behaviour’.

The incident unfolded on April 30 following a under-11s game between the Redcliffe Dolphins and Norths Devils in Brisbane.

It is understood tension was building between the Redcliffe Dolphins coach and the Norths Devils touch judge in the lead-up to fulltime.

‘I was bringing back the tee when I look to my left and see the coach and the touch judge going blow for blow, they were just having a real punch-up,’ one parent told the Courier Mail.

‘Once it started going everyone was getting involved and I just remembered thinking, “What is going on?”

Sickening footage of a brawl between a coach and a touch judge at a junior rugby league match in Queensland (pictured) has emerged online

The confronting scenes followed an under-11s match between Redcliffe Dolphins and Norths Devils in Brisbane

‘It is just a disgusting act. So unacceptable.’

In the clip, the two men who engaged in the brawl can be heard shouting at one another – with other shocked parents eventually stepping in to separate them.

The video also captures another parent screaming, ‘this is a f***ing kids game.’

A spokesman from the Queensland Rugby League confirmed the body is looking into the incident.

A Queensland Police spokesperson said they have been made aware of the incident, but no arrests have been made.

The confronting scenes follow football referee Khodr Yaghi being hospitalised after having three teeth knocked out and his jaw broken in three places last month in Sydney’s south-west.

Sydney soccer referee Khodr Yaghi had his jaw broken in an on-field attack (pictured) just days before the fight in Brisbane

Amateur boxer Adam Abdallah, 25, was later charged with wounding Yaghi with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and affray.

He was refused bail and will next appear in court on June 28. 

On Wednesday it emerged that a Sydney high school called police after Yaghi’s son was bullied over the incident online and in the playground, with the offenders telling him ‘your dad started it’.

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