ANDY RUIZ JR has come a long way since beating Anthony Joshua.

The Mexican heavyweight, nicknamed 'The Destroyer', has seen his fortune rocket to around £6m since pulling off one of the greatest upsets in sport in recent times.

And ahead of their December 7 rematch in Saudi Arabia, the 30-year-old has been happy to splash the cash and enjoy the riches that success has brung.

From super cars to luxury mansions, Ruiz Jr is enjoying his fame… and should he defeat Joshua again, imagine what he might buy next!


Before the Joshua bout, Ruiz Jr had earned around £770,000 from boxing. Not bad, but certainly not top dollar.

For stepping into the ring with AJ back in June, he received £5.36m – so what did he do? He built a garage of cars to envy.

Incredibly, since knocking out Joshua Ruiz Jr has amassed a car collection worth £783,275.

Most recently, he added a Mercedes G Wagon G550 worth a whopping £96,275.

The Twin-Turbocharged 4.0-liter V8 G Wagon G550 can reach 0-60 in just 5.6 seconds, and it’s 416 Horsepower engine is limited to 130mph.

“Another one,” Ruiz said speaking of his G Wagon purchase.

“I went to drop off the Rolls-Royce and the guy that gave me the Rolls Royce I went to go drop him off and he brought up in this car and I think he done it on purpose and I just fell in love with it, I had to get it."

And that wasn't the only car Ruiz Jr has been seen behind-the-wheels.

Earlier this month he took an order on a Rolls-Royce Cullinan, which has a price tag of £264,000.

Weighing 2.6 tonnes, the Cullinan can reach 0-60 in just five seconds and has a top speed of 155mph.

It's the second Rolls-Royce in his collection, that sits nicely alongside his £258,000 Wraith that was bought just months after he downed the English heavyweight,

Finally, Ruiz Jr has a Lamborghini Urus – a footballers' favourite and the first SUV the Italian sports car makers have ever produced – worth £165,000.

Of course, it's spacious enough to fit in Ruiz Jr's 6ft 2in 270lbs frame.


Born in Imperial Valley, California to Mexican immigrant parents – Cali has always been the place to live for Ruiz Jr.

That's why, when he made it, he bought a huge mansion for him and his family to enjoy.

And Ruiz Jr took great delight in showing off the property on Instagram back in August.

'The Destroyer' gave his followers a video tour of the home, and was clearly delighted with his purchase as he posed next to one of his Rolls-Royces.

The sprawling digs boasts a stunning outdoor pool, as well as a treehouse that's just perfect for his children (he has five, including a boy called AJ).

There's even a basketball court should Ruiz Jr fancy shooting some hoops and have some mates over.

It's unknown how much Ruiz Jr paid for the mansion, but you can imagine it must've set him back a few million – just look at the size of it!


Not much is known about Ruiz Jr's wife, Julie.

However, she certainly appears to be supportive. The brunette was ringside to see her husband victorious against Joshua.

Before and after the fight, cameras in Madison Square Garden panned to Julie – who was seen cheering her man on.

Weeks later, Julie sat alongside Ruiz Jr in the back of an open car for a parade in Imperial Valley where fans honoured the return of the hero.

She even held up one of his belts as fans cheered them on.


Ever the gent, Ruiz Jr is humble enough to remember where he's from.

Despite building a fleet of cars to die for, as well as splashing on a brand new home, he's a total mummy's boy.

The first thing he bought with his new-found wealth was, in fact, a car for his mother.

He joked: “I messed up all of her cars when I was young,” after revealing the purchase.

Knowing he's set-up for life, Ruiz Jr is also going to give back to his community.

He wants to help build youth programs that'll keep unprivileged kids out of trouble and encourage them to box instead.

"When I got knocked down, I got back up like the warrior that I am,” he said.

“To all the kids that have dreams, dream big.”

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