The vast majority of the time, when a football team tries to lateral its way down the field in desperation, the result benefits the defending the team. 

This was not the case in Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa's (Alabama) wild victory over Wetumpka on Friday. 

According to, Wetumpka led 30-28 with 2.9 seconds left as Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa lined up to take the snap from its own 41-yard line. 

A short pass in the flat started a series of laterals — Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa would advance before flinging the ball backward, sometimes going back across midfield. A frustrated spectator could be heard saying, "What are we doing?" 

You’re not going to believe the end of the Hillcrest win over Wetumpka.

Then, on the ninth and final lateral, after a trio of Wetumpka defenders failed to jump on the ball, a Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa player scooped it up and took off down the right side with no one in his path for the game-winning touchdown. 

Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa coach Sam Adams told his team practices the play, — "Bronco," named after Boise State — every Thursday. 

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