Small rooms with little natural light are always difficult to spruce up.

While some opt for big mirrors and floor length curtains to give the illusion of a larger space, most decide to paint their walls white for the same reason.

However, you are apparently doing it wrong.

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Forget the white paint as it can actually have the opposite effect by making your room look darker.

According to Interior Styling Consultant Jess, the white "highlights" the dark corners and creates shadows instead of brightening the room.

In a viral TikTok clip, Jess explained: "Did you know it's a common misconception that small spaces with no light are best painted white!"

She filmed a white corridor that was badly lit and was also drowned out by the dark shadows.

So, you're probably thinking what colour works if white doesn't?

It turns out that yellow is the go to colour to inject some light back into a small room.

"Instead go for a vibrant shade which will help bounce artificial light around the room", she urged as she mixed up some paint from the brand Lick.

Jess got to painting the hallway with a luminous yellow and even painted the doors light blue.

Surprisingly, it did just the trick and transformed the space from dingy to dreamy.

Impressed with the transformation, many people took to the comments to praise the painting hack – but not everyone was so keen on the colour.

One person commented: "When I saw yellow I was like nope.

"But now I'm converted."

Another user gasped: "Definitely agree with the concept but that particular fellow shade reminds me of my primary school."

While a third praised: "Oh my that makes the space look so inviting!!!"

Someone else wrote: "Life is short why would I wanna live somewhere with white walls seriously."

Whereas others felt it looked like an outdated primary school.

"Definitely agree with the concept but that particular fellow shade reminds me of my primary school," someone said.

A second chuckled: "It's cute but it's the same yellow they have in schools in Ireland."

As another jibed: "It kinda looks like a hallway in a GP built in 1970."

Jess took the feedback well, and replied: "Gonna use this to define my interior style."

Let us know in the comments what you think of the yellow painted walls!


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