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Here comes May, Aquarius! You’re in the mood to learn and share as Venus, the planet of affection, enters Aries on May 2. You may feel called to sign up for a course that interests you, even if it doesn’t feel like it will add to your career trajectory. You’re following your curiosity, and what’s more beautiful than that? You can’t seem to absorb enough information. You may find yourself filling up your social calendar and reading book after book. Surprising news arrives on May 5 as the Sun and Uranus, both moving through Taurus, activate the sector of your chart related to home and family. Perhaps you receive unexpected news about your living situation or a roommate or decide to move in with a partner on a whim! Your family could also reveal some information that’s been hidden for some time.

On May 10, everyone’s favorite cosmic event takes place: Mercury Retrograde, and this time it’s moving through the sign of Gemini. This is your cosmic reminder to pay attention to your inner child. They can always benefit from a little attention! Try incorporating more time for your hobbies or childhood activities that feed your soul. Mercury Retrograde also signals a period of time where exes from the past may reappear. Hash out what you need to hash out. Jupiter, the planet of abundance, enters Aries on the same day. If you’re a writer or in a field related to teaching, sales, or communication, you may experience a boost of confidence and abilities. Don’t be surprised if you start hearing from way more people than normal. People are drawn to your intellect and energy, and this is a highly social time.

A lunar eclipse in Scorpio arrives on May 15. It may be time for a career change. If you’ve felt like your job is turning into a more harmful than healthy place, it’s time to move on. Change can be tough, but trust that it’s fated and for your best interest.

The Sun enters Gemini on May 20 and you’re feeling inspired. You may feel like trying out a new creative outlet or even recommitting to dating. Romance and optimism are in the air and you’re eager for some extra fun. Take risks and follow your heart! Your schedule may get busy starting on May 24 when Mars, the planet of energy, enters Aries. Fighting words are also possible under this transit. Do your best to not lean into reactive behavior and watch out for burnout. Book downtime in your schedule.

Blessings to your career and home life arrive on May 28 as Venus enters Taurus. Prioritize solo time if needed, as well as projects around the house. Let your friends come to you. The month winds down with a New Moon in Gemini on May 30, which delivers a fresh start to the romantic and creative sector of your chart. It’s time to invite more excitement and entertainment into your life!

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