Hello, we’re here to discuss exactly how rich Eminem is, and I’ll give a sneak peek for all you impatient folks out there. The answer is…very. Proof? The lyrics to “I Get Money,” in which Eminem informs us that he’s “the highest sellin’ artist in rap” and that he spends his time “sittin’ back in my office jackin’ off to my plaques.” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But perhaps you’d like me to run some real numbers in order to verify that Eminem is as rich as he claims? Cool, sounds good, we have a legit cornucopia of receipts to sort through. Also apologies in advance for all the nerdy Eminem lyric jokes as you ~LOSE YOURSELF~ (heh) in this article.

Well, *Is* Eminem the Highest Selling Artist in Rap?

I mean, it’s close. There are lots of ways to judge these things, but according to the Recording Industry Association of America, Eminem has sold $107.5 million worth of digital singles—which is HUGE. He’s number five on their general list; only Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Kanye West, and Drake (with $163.5 million) beat him. But keep in mind that’s just digital singles. Artists were recording music way before you could stream it on Spotify.

All of which is to say that yes, Eminem *is* in fact the highest-selling rapper on RIAA’s list of artists by album sales, with $46.5 million earned.

Plus, Eminem Makes Money Off Other ~Ventures~

Not only does Eminem have Shady Records, he also has a Sirius XM channel called Shade 45—and let’s not forget that he casually won an Oscar for his original music in 8 Mile, a movie made on a $41 million budget that earned $242.9 million at the box office. Oh, and he wrote a memoir called The Way I Am back in ’08.

Eminem’s finances from these endeavors are pretty locked up, but it’s safe to assume they were lucrative projects. Then again:

Don’t Forget Eminem (Sometimes) Tours

And tours, while exhausting, bring in SO MUCH MONEY. Eminem has been on plenty, but his joint tour with Rihanna back in 2014 is particularly notable. It brought in $36.4 million (making it one of the highest grossing tours of the year) and they literally only played six shows. So, basically they made over thirty million for six nights of work. It’s fine! I’m feeling great about my life/finances RN!

And Eminem’s Not Above Brand Opps

Eminem appeared in an extremely long Super Bowl ad for Chrysler in 2011, which is considered to be one of the best Super Bowl commercials ever made. It was also extremely expensive, costing the company over $12 million—plenty of which, it’s fair to assume, went to Eminem.

His Annual Income Is Truly Wild

So, what do all the album sales, brand opps, tours, and random side projects add up to? Celebrity Net Worth reports that Eminem makes $20 million a year, and during tour years, it’s more like $30-50 million. 2019 was one of his most profitable years, when he took home $50 million. I’ll give you a moment to 😱.

So, What’s Eminem’s Total Net Worth?

Oh, you know, according to Celebrity Net Worth, just a casual $230 million (up from $210 million in 2018!). But that’s just what he’s kept in the bank. His career total earnings are an even higher estimated $380 million conservatively.

Cool, here’s me right now reacting to this news:

You love all the deets on celebrity $$. So do we! Let’s overanalyze them together.

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