A woman urged others not to change their body but to alter their 'mindset' as she flaunted her tum.

Body positive influencer Dani Musgrave is on a mission to 'help you feel confident in your own body'.

The brunette beauty has already racked up 11,000 TikTok followers after she posted various videos bashing fat-phobes while embracing her curves.

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In a recent viral clip, Dani shared a piece of advice she thinks can aid her fans into loving their shape.

She rocked a green crop top and some black leggings while she sat on the edge of her bed looking nervous.

Dani sheepishly looked around the room, looked down and hid her tum with her hands.

But then, she lit the room up with bucket loads of confidence as she giggled and straightened her posture.

The influencer danced to the song 'Mother' by Meghan Trainor and happily revealed her belly for all to see.

"The difference some confidence can make," Dani wrote across the video which racked up over 400,000 views.

She reiterated her point in the caption, and declared: "Don’t change your body, change your mindset."

Inspired by her confidence, many people fled to the comments to praise Dani and her body positive message.

One person commented: "The way it went from looking at your insecurities to actually only look at your face when you were confident."

Another user added: "Not kidding you're my inspiration."

While a third voiced: "I always say that confidence changes how a person looks, you're gorge babes."

Someone else said: "Confidence really does change a lot!!"

Meanwhile, a fifth fan said: "You are so pretty."

And, this user shared: "I have such a similar body to you it’s crazy. I’ve never seen someone like me before and you made me smile today."


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