A hero woman donated her kidney to a total stranger after seeing his mum’s desperate plea advertised on her car.

Starr Gardy saw the message written on the back of Lashonda Pugh's car on Good Morning America, describing how her son Daniel Jones Jr was in desperate need of a kidney.

Daniel, 24, suffers from Alport Syndrome – a genetic condition that causes progressive kidney deterioration.

The advert on the car explained how Daniel needed a new kidney and also included his blood type and a number to call if anyone wanted to help.

It read: "My son needs a kidney to live. Please call. Blood type AB positive. Please help".

After being moved by the family's plight, Starr, who also has children of her own, reached out to them and offered to help.

Starr, from South Carolina, America, said: "I just froze, and I felt so moved and thought: 'what if I could help?'

"I asked my kids, 'how would you feel if mommy donated a kidney to somebody?'

"They were both OK with it and my husband was like 'whatever you want to do is fine with me'"

Starr and Lashonda met for the first time on May 1 at the hospital just before the operation.

Lashonda said: "I felt like she was family.

"We hugged and cried and I thanked her for giving my son a second chance at life."

Daniel said being offered the kidney from Starr was like a "dream come true".

He told WJLA: "I can't repay her for it, so all I could do is thank her. It’s a lot knowing that I have her organ in my body.

"We are family now. She's not a stranger anymore, she's my aunt."

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