Charity shops are home to all the things that people don't want anymore.

The place for unwanted clothes to random knick-knacks – you can find pretty much anything among the items needing a new home.

Just like Georgina Jones who found a quaint “little trinket” with decorative flowers and the name “Goblin” written on it.

Having found the Goblin named pot endearing, the shopper snapped up the bargain – only to realise the horrifying point of the ceramic item.

After taking a three hour trip back home from Altrincham, Greater Manchester, she opened the knick-knack.

But instead of a cute surprise, Georgina realised she'd purchased an urn with animal ashes inside.

She explained on Twitter: "Oh my GOD I just bought this little trinket in a charity shop coz it made me laugh it said goblin on it (there was a merlin too) and i've just opened it and there's f*ckin ASHES INSIDE.”

Now Georgina fears the worst after purchasing what is left of little Goblin.

"That's it I'm cursed for life now aren't I."

But, Georgina is not the only one alarmed by her new ‘pet’ as many people fled to the comments in fear that she had separated Goblin and Merlin – and urged her to take the long journey back to get the other trinket.

One person advised: “My immediate thoughts are: Go back for Merlin. What if there were others that already got bought?”

Another urged: “Go back for Merlin and bury them ASAP.”

Someone else said: “OK so you need to make finding out who these ashes belong to your life’s work now…”

Despite many wanting Georgina to reunite the pair of dead animals, Georgia explained that she could not make the three hour journey again.

Although people may be left disappointed at this, other people were just left simply disturbed at the urn and ashes.

One person commented: “Whoever donated it was weird and the shop were weird for accepting it.”

As another user voiced: “This is hilarious and horrifying in equal measures.”

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