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Everyone knows you’re meant to clean your makeup brushes, makeup bags and even your hairbrushes, so why do we never think to clean our hair styling tools? Hair straighteners and curlers should be cleaned as often as you use them, apparently. At the very least you should wash them is once every three months. When was the last time YOU cleaned your hair straighteners?

Why do you need to clean your hair straighteners?

You need to clean your hair straighteners, curlers and hairdryers for a number of crucial reasons.

Firstly, it’s no good to straighten freshly washed hair with a tool that is covered in old hair products, grease and bacteria.

Not only is it unhygienic to use dirty straighteners, but it will also result in dirtier hair and could be a health concern.

The GHD site points out that clean straighteners are essential for a ‘good hair day’.

The site’s advice explains: “Ceramic plates of straighteners can harbour grime if not properly cleaned.

“Hairspray, oils and other heavy products can build up not only on your hair but on your tools too.

“They’ll sit on top of oils that are secreted from your scalp, which can damage your locks if the device is not regularly cleaned.”

Your hair straighteners should be washed at least once every three months in order to protect the device itself.

The build-up of dirt and grime on your straighteners could shorten the life of your tool and stop it from working properly.

Your straighteners will take longer to heat up and be less effective if they’re covered in nasty particles and old products.

How to clean hair straighteners

It’s really quick easy to clean your hair straighteners.

Make sure you’ve unplugged and turner off your straighteners to start and follow the instructions offered by the manufacturer.

GHD’s advice reads: “Use nail varnish remover on organic cotton wool to wipe down the styler plates and body.

“The cotton wool should be damp but not dripping.

“You may need to rub hard depending upon how dirty your styler is.”

Let the nail varnish remover dry on the straighter for a couple of hours before plugging the straighteners in and using them and only do so when it is dry.

It might seem strange not to wash the nail varnish remover off, but you should never use water or water-based cleaners to clean your styler – this is a very dangerous practice.

The site adds: “We wouldn’t recommend wipes unless they are organic and biodegradable since they typically contain plastic.”

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