I was sitting in a Mexican restaurant, elbows deep in a shrimp burrito, when a face I would recognize anywhere suddenly walked through the door. There, on what seemed to be a particularly steamy first date, was someone I had once gone out with. But they were laughing and holding hands with someone else. Even if your mouth isn’t full of Chimichanga, there’s never a good time to randomly run into an old flame. And while you can’t plan for everything in this life, knowing what you would say to the ex who broke your heart can make you feel marginally more prepared for an impromptu run-in.

No matter how long you dated someone, getting dumped by someone you loved sucks. It blows, it bites, and it feels like every other verb teenagers use to express negativity. When you’ve fallen for someone, learning that you aren’t on the same page about your feelings is totally disorienting. And while everyone heals differently, knowing what you would say to an ex can help you move on.

Elite Daily asked 17 women what they would say to the ex that broke their heart, and all their answers will give you comfort, if not closure.

1. I wish I could stop loving you.


2. I wish you hadn’t lead me on for so long.

— Kaoculus

3. I deserve better than you.

— metralo

4. You owe my dog an apology.

— strtrknaxdunivrs

5. I will always love you.

— WhenAllElseFail

6. You’re an idiot.


7. I should have listened to you.


8. Live a good life.

— GrilledStuffedDragon

9. Your art is bad.

— Stella, 23

10. I wasted two years with you.

— SurrealKeenan

11. I thought you were better than that.

— Juniper, 32

12. I know I was the other girl.

— NurseNano

13. You really missed out.

— zimmer199

14. I should have let you pay for more dinners.

— Christene, 27

15. I’m sorry for who I became.

— Mituzuna

16. I wish we had communicated better.

— Lucy, 26

17. I was worth the effort.

— Aubrey, 29

Whether you’re still feeling hurt, or you’re ready to move on, you know what you need to feel loved and supported after a breakup. Knowing what to say to an ex is never easy, especially if they broke your heart. As my mom always says, "There are plenty of fish in the sea." Your ex may be in your past, but someone excellent is sure to be in your future.

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