Here is a recap of this week’s episode of “What Would You Do?” with ABC’s John Quiñones:

What Would You Do: Coach forces wrestler to cut his hair — A white coach demands a barber cut a black student athlete’s braids. The student becomes upset, but the coach says short hair will avoid potential issues with the refs. What will customers think? Watch what happens:

What Would You Do: Forgetful shopper runs back to get more items — In the checkout line at a grocery store, a shopper realizes she forgot one of her ingredients. She runs to get it, but when she returns, she forgot something else. How will customers react? Watch what happens:

What Would You Do: Mother tells transgender woman not to use women’s bathroom— A mother becomes uncomfortable when she hears a transgender woman asking where the ladies’ room is. Transgender teen advocate Jazz Jennings joins us to share her experiences. Watch what happens:

What Would You Do: Jazz Jennings performs as a friend of transgender woman — Special guest Jazz Jennings steps in to play a friend of our transgender customer, who is targeted by our worried mother for wanting to use the ladies’ room. What will people think? Watch what happens:

What Would You Do: Illiterate man is harassed by café cashier — A man struggles to read the menu at a café and reluctantly tells the cashier he can’t read. What will people do when she belittles him in front of customers? Watch what happens:

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