"Even though it's challenging, even though it's physically and mentally really, really difficult, I know it's where I thrive," the athlete says. "It's where I'm most happy."

Johnson and the rest of the women's Olympic water polo team began training together again over a month ago she says, and have been focused on distance training in smaller groups. The team has also spent time talking about the mental toll of the postponement: "We've really been prioritizing mental health."

The athlete has also continued to push for other Black women to pursue aquatic sports, noting that she's the first African American woman to compete for the U.S. on the Olympic stage in water polo.

"It's been a huge honor and responsibility for me to represent Black women in our sport, be an advocate for Black women in our sport and also drive to bring more people of color into our sport, make our sport a safe space and a safe place for young people of color to get all of the opportunity that I've been able to get through water polo," she explains.

"I'm doing what I can right now, but it's really, really cool to see our community come together and start … making change and taking actionable steps to change what our sport looks like."

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