It will be sweet justice if this dishonest Tory government is finally kicked out of office by cheated old age pensioners .

The slippery Conservatives are blatantly breaking a solemn promise to maintain free TV licences for the over-75s.

This gift to the nation’s old folk by a Labour government gave something back to people who fully deserved it after a lifetime of grafting.

Nobody thought the Tories would dare to be so underhand as to snatch it away again, but now it is under serious threat.

There are too many pensioners who have only their TV for company, and hundreds of thousands will not be able to afford the £154.50 licence without cutting out other essentials.

The Tories have cowardly shifted the final decision on to the BBC, but everyone knows the responsibility rests with Downing Street.

Yet there is a threat that may bring them to their senses. In many of Britain’s most marginal constituencies, the number of over-75s is far higher than the sitting Tory MP’s majority.

Britain’s pensioners are watching – and if this government breaks its manifesto pledge and pulls the plug on free TV licences, their revenge will rightly be fatal for the lying Tories.

The best of us

The tales of tragedy and heroism emerging from the London Bridge terror inquest mix heartbreak and inspiration.

Those bystanders and police officers who stepped up to confront the knife-slashing maniacs were the best of the best.

They showed how a brave, free and tolerant spirit will never be beaten by hateful jihadis.

Wrong route

Research spelling out the second-class state of Britain’s bus services shows the contempt Tories have for ordinary people.

Public transport binds our communities together and will ultimately help save the planet – yet Margaret Thatcher thought anyone over 26 on a bus must be a failure.

It’s clear from the funding cuts ruining our bus routes that her arrogance is still with us.

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