An abandoned home full of old dolls – aka the stuff of nightmares – has been found by an urban explorer.

Dave, who goes by Freaktography online, checked out the property in Toronto, Ontario, Canada after getting a tip from one of his followers on Facebook.

It’s thought that the woman who used to live there was the one who amassed the huge collection of porcelain, plastic and fabric dolls, many of which she is believed to have made herself.

As if that wasn’t unsettling enough, footage shows how the home is strewn with various dismembered doll parts such as faces, missing eyes, spare arms and clumps of hair.

Dave, 48, who chooses to keep his surname anonymous, said: ‘The creepy doll house was a perfect case for following up on a lead as soon as you receive it.

‘I had been sent this house two or three years ago by someone who follows me on social media, but I never bothered.

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‘Earlier this year a friend of mine sent me photos and suggested I go see it. When I checked my map, sure enough, it was that house that I had never followed up on.

‘The dolls made for a very interesting experience as they were scattered all over the house in very unexpected places.

‘The best was the Weary Willie doll who greeted me as I entered an upstairs bedroom.

‘My flashlight shone right on his sad clown face and took me by complete surprise.’

The living room had a stash of old collectables, including Marvel Comics and spaceship models from the Star Trek TV show.

Meanwhile, the kitchen contained boxes packed with mugs, plates and appliances, but dirty dishes still sit in the sink.

Dave found the vintage clown doll known as ‘Weary Willie’ sitting next to an empty bottle of whisky in one of the upstairs bedrooms.

This doll was initially manufactured in the 1950s, and was based on the very first sad hobo clown Emmett Leo Kelly of Howe’s Great London Circus.

Naturally, there was also a tiny piano positioned across from Willie that was just the right size for the doll to play a little tune, which isn’t creepy at all!

Dave’s followers certainly had lots to say about the house after he posted a video of his exploration for his tens of thousands of social media fans.

One person commented: ‘I find dolls to be delightfully creepy. Clowns on the other hand…no, just no.’

Another wrote: ‘Damn the women just kept Annabelle out free like that?’

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