Tyga and Angela White (formerly known as Blac Chyna) have been in the news this summer after White’s decision to make a drastic change in her personal life and alter the path she was on.

White claimed she made $240 million in one year from OnlyFans, but later left the site for other opportunities. In the spring of 2023, she sought millions in a defamation suit filed against the Kardashians.

Despite her name being in the press for particularly negative reasons, White is now on a new path with those close to her.

From removing fillers in her body to exchanging her pseudonym for her real name, White’s new mission is to be a more present mother. She has a son named King Cairo with rapper Tyga, and a daughter by Rob Kardashian, Dream Kardashian. However, her decision to be a more available mother hasn’t gone well with her exes so far.

Tyga, who has full custody of their son King Cairo, made comments on The Shade Room’s Instagram which indicated he wasn’t interested in sharing custody with his famous ex. Amid a new journey of self-healing, White filed a legal petition with the court requesting more access to King.

She further aimed to change the standing custody arrangement that granted Tyga sole custody, seeking joint custody of their son. Though Tyga and White were engaged and dated for three years before calling it quits in 2014, there’s no love lost between the former couple.

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3 Angela Claimed She Had ‘No Support’

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Back in 2022, White tweeted that she received “no support” (financially) from the fathers of her children. Her claim didn’t sit well with Tyga and Kardashian, both of whom spilled the beans on their court-ordered, sole-custody arrangements.

Kardashian said that he paid $37,000 a year for their daughter’s schooling, and that he maintained sole custody of her from Tuesday to Saturday. Kardashian also shared that he paid for all medical and extracurricular expenses for their daughter.

Likewise, Tyga jumped into the comments section to share that he spends $40,000 a year on King Cairo’s education, with sole custody of his son from Monday to Saturday. Fans soon picked sides in the online debate.

Seeing as White has two days a week with her children, it’s clear why she’s now looking into spending more time with them. However, it doesn’t look like the fathers of her children are particularly interested in setting up a new arrangement for their families.

2 From Sole Custody To Joint Custody

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Hot New Hip Hop shared that Angela White has filed legal documents to obtain child support from Tyga, along with a motion to change their custody agreement from sole to joint custody so that she could be closer to her children.

The court documents noted that White already asked for a specific amount of child support, but the amount was not shared with the public. In 2022, White declared that she had to sell three of her cars just to make ends meet, and demanded support from the fathers of her children. By filing a petition to have joint custody, she could legally receive support from Tyga and Rob if the court awards her more time with her children.

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To prove to the court that she’s now a stable influence in her children’s lives, she gave detailed information on her day-to-day lifestyle to prove that she has the “best interests of the child” at heart..

Tyga’s feelings on the matter did not seem to change. After White filed her request, Tyga commented on an Instagram post: “10 years later…nah…stick to your schedule sat-mon,” as shared by BuzzFeed News. White has yet to respond to Tyga’s remark. 

1 Angela Respects Tyga (& Rob) As Dads

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Although White filed for joint custody and child support from Tyga, she had nothing but positive things to say about him and the way he’s raising their son, King Cairo.

In an interview on Entertainment Tonight (via People)White said, “I feel like, as long as my kids are good and happy on both sides, that’s all I care about as a parent.” She praised Tyga for his parenting style and explained she never worries when her kids are with their dads because of how well-rounded, smart, and brave her kids are.

While nothing more has been reported about the custody case involving King Cairo as of this article’s publishing, fans speculated that White planned to do the same with Kardashian and their daughter, Dream. Now that she’s transforming her life for the better and wants more time with her children, it’s presumed she will ask the court for joint custody of her daughter Dream, along with child support.

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