Strike a PAWS! 800 Chihuahuas don flamboyant costumes and strut their stuff on a catwalk in the Miss Chihuahua Town beauty pageant

  • Sleepy town of Yardley Gobion, Northamptonshire put together beauty pageant
  • Tiny Chihuahuas in tiny outfits have competed to be crowned most beautiful 
  •  Twiglet, Chihuahua in a fluffy hot pom-pom, was crowned Miss Chihuahua Town

A selection of adorable photographs show 800 chihuahuas strutting their stuff on the red carpet at a hilarious doggie beauty pageant.

The pint-sized pooches, from all over the UK, donned fancy ‘designer’ outfits as they competed for top spot as Britain’s Most Beautiful Chihuahua.

And it was Twiglet, wearing a full-body pink pom-pom, who stole the show to be crowned ‘Miss Chihuahua Town’. 

Meanwhile, Chiweenie Beanie – a chihuahua-dachshund cross – won the top prize in the fancy dress category for her party hat, multi-coloured wig and sunglasses combination. 

More than 800 people and dogs attended the weekend’s chihuahua-only event in Yardley Gobion, Northants, which was organised by Kerry Brooks, who runs events for all breeds, under her ‘DogTown’ brand. 

Other activities at the event included a cheese run challenge, where the dogs sprint as fast as they can down a lane, eating pieces of cheese lined up along the route. 

Twiglet, pictured, with her hot pink pom-pom, won the competition and took home the Miss Chihuahua Town title 

800 Chihuahuas competed in an unique beauty pageant in Yardley Gobion, Northamptonshire to be crowned ‘Miss Chihuahua Town 2021’. Pictured: a proud British pup showing their colours 

Paris! London! Milan! Some dogs donned stylish outfits worthy of Fashion Week in this very unique dog event

Feathers were a must-have at the show which moved elegantly as the tiny dogs played around, pictured 

This fluffy contestant twirled in a rainbow coloured-tutu and tank top in order to bag the title 

Not everyone enjoyed the show, and in spite of wearing a very festive outfit, this Chihuahua seemed a bit bored

Clowning around! Owners went all out with their dogs’ outfits so that their Chihuahua would be crowned fairest of them all. Chiweenie Beanie – a chihuahua-dachshund cross – won the top prize in the fancy dress category for her party hat, multi-coloured wig and sunglasses combination

This bite-sized white Chihuahua strutted in a blue bow during the competition 

One of the dogs donned an impressive purple gown with matching hat in a bid to win the crown

A delicate long haired Chihuahua competed in a pastel yellow get up with embroidered flowers on top 

Blue-ming beauty! This short hair beauty was one of the 800 Chihuahuas who took part in the competition

Princess on the catwalk! This Chihuahua looked a darling in a pastel-blue gown adorned with sparkly gems

Dresses, pictured, and skirts were all the range at the unique beauty pageant where the dogs competed for the top spot

This short haired Chihuahua strutted in a lovely purple gown adorned with flowers and a skirt made of tulle 

Twinning! An owner dressed her Chihuahua in a matching dress with a very stylish pearl leash  

Black beauty! A Chihuahua caught everyone’s attention with a show-stopping gown with flowers

A pom-pom for the competition! This adorable pup won people over with its feathery pom-pom 

Orange you glad to see me? This Chihuahua looked in its element dressed in a feathery orange get up 

This Chihuahua posed like a pro on the red carpet during the competition, wearing a mint green grown

Matching outfits were also a popular choice, with owners walking side-by-side with their beloved pets on the red carpet 

She wears her heart on her sleeves! This cute Chihuahua donned a gown with green and white hearts 

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