Now is your chance to up your game in the beauty department with some bargain beauty boxes.

If you haven't yet heard (where have you been?) OK! Magazine has been selling beauty boxes full of high-quality products.

They allow women to get the good stuff sent straight to their door without having to spend hours trawling online reviews in order to find out what the good stuff is.

So, there's an OK! Beauty Box deal on at the moment, and three beauty boxes are being sold for the price of two. It allows you to mix and match and choose the boxes that best suit your beauty needs and desires.

If you'd like to start 2022 looking ultra-radiant then perhaps the ‘Glow and Go’ box is the perfect choice for you. Or if your skin is a bit on the dry side, then perhaps the ‘Hydration Heroes’ box should help inject some moisture.

Whichever you go for, get your skates on as the offer is only available till January 4, 2022.

Here are the boxes you can choose from along with how much they’re worth and how much they’ll cost you:

  • OK! Beauty Edit by Jodie is worth over £120 but costs only £20
  • OK! Beauty Edit by Katie is worth over £90 but costs only £20
  • OK! Glow & Go Beauty Box is worth over £60 but costs only £20
  • OK! Hydration Heroes Beauty Box is worth over £90 but costs only £20
  • OK! Trends Edit Beauty Box is worth over £80 but costs only £20
  • OK! Limited Edition Beauty Box is worth over £350 but costs only £20

As you can see, each box only costs a reasonable fee of £20. This means that if you take advantage of this deal, you’ll be getting three boxes for just £40.

It’s certainly a great offer, especially considering that the three boxes together would be worth at least three times as much!

Not is this an opportunity to make yourself look even more beautiful, but these boxes are also handy to have at home and store for future birthday presents.

Your mum, sister, friend or partner will no doubt love indulging in a selection of goodies like these on their birthday.

Another great thing about these boxes is that they allow you to try new products that just wouldn’t have been on your radar before.

They contain a range of cutting-edge beauty products such as micellar water, and hyaluronic acid. Many people aren't aware of these and wouldn't think to buy them. So, it gives them a chance to add something different to their beauty routines.

These are all bunched in with more common goodies such as cleansing milk and mascara.

So, go on and treat yourself, and maybe someone else too. Get the goods of the beauty gurus and the makeup artists delivered straight to your door for a price that won’t break the bank.

Snap up our beauty box deal here, while you can.

*Three for two is only available on selected beauty boxes listed in the OK! Beauty Shop. If the items are the same price, you will receive one free. If they are a different price, you will receive the cheapest free. The offer is only valid until 23:59 on 4th January 2022, while stocks last.

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