‘Perfect for trimming eyebrows’: Shoppers swear by this £14 trimmer to remove unwanted facial hair quickly AND painlessly

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Amazon shoppers are saving on expensive trips to the salon thanks to a 2-in-1 facial hair remover that quickly and painlessly removes unwanted hair.

The AnyFace Facial Hair Remover can be used on your eyebrows, upper lip, cheeks and chin to effectively remove stray hairs or stubborn peach fuzz. And it costs just £13.99. 

Hailed as ‘neat, simple, and effective’ by users, it’s impressed shoppers with its speed and efficiency – it’s even small enough to fit in your handbag for use on the go. 

The USB chargeable electrical facial hair remover is designed to capture unwanted hair thanks to the rotary cutting system and protective foil.

It comes with two heads to target stray hairs and tidy up brows quickly and painlessly – and without a salon appointment.  

Getting rid of unwanted hair can be messy and downright painful, especially when it comes to ridding stubborn facial hair. 

But shoppers have raved about the AnyFace Facial Hair Remover, writing how ‘there is not a snippet of discomfort or pain, and absolutely no pulling or tugging, with this device’.

The compact and cordless facial shaver is purpose-built for painless and stress-free facial hair removal, delivering smooth skin in seconds with 45 minutes use time on a single charge.  

The USB chargeable electrical facial hair remover is designed to capture unwanted hair thanks to the rotary cutting system and protective foil.

The powerful motor drives sharp blades to spin at full speed, which delivers a smooth and quick hair shaving from the skin surface while causing no pulling, tugging or pain. 

The precise blades target the areas you need, while the protective cover fully surrounds the blades so you won’t hurt your skin. 

If you’re especially prone to irritation or redness after waxing or threading, this could be a great alternative. You can also say goodbye to bumps and chicken skin caused by regular shaving and plucking. 

The facial hair remover comes with two removal heads to help remove unwanted hair and tidy up your brows without having to schedule a salon appointment 

While you may have to go over the same spot to remove every trace of hair, the majority of shoppers have been seriously impressed with the AnyFace facial hair remover claiming it ‘makes Shaping and trimming quick and simple’. 

One five-star reviewer wrote: ‘Perfect for trimming eyebrows. This 2 in 1 women’s facial hair remover is excellent and surprisingly powerful considering how small the unit is. 

‘It is USB rechargeable which is fantastic, and unlike other products, this has a small led light so you can see what you are doing in front of the mirror.’

Another agreed, adding: ‘This is great value for money, not much more expensive than an eyebrow wax at the salon; I will save a fortune. I was really impressed, have used upper lip chin and eyebrow, the little precision eyebrow trimmer is great.’

A third penned: ‘This product is amazing. It is easy to use, light to carry around and means no over-plucking. Honestly one of the best products ever.’

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