Fans have been known to clamor to own any type of memorabilia offered up by their favorite celebrities, and now, Elvis Presley fans have an opportunity to own something very personal that once belonged to him. It is so personal that it was actually attached to his body at one point. Eager fans that truly want a special piece of Elvis to cherish in their collection can now officially start bidding on his dental crown. It’s not just a regular dental crown, either. TMZ reports that this one happens to be filled with gold, and at the moment, the bidding for this tiny little keepsake is starting at $2,500.

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This very special piece of dental work is currently in the hands of Kruse GWS Auctions, and they’ll be watching over it as part of the collection for the Artifacts of Hollywood & Music auction. It may be small, but it’s expected to be sold for a very high price.

There’s a whole lot of historical significance that comes along with this special dental crown. Of course, fans of Elvis Presley understand that having anything that once belonged to him is to truly own a piece of music history. The legendary performer will forever be commemorated as being one of the most impactful artists in the entertainment world.

The fact that this keepsake is so personal, rather than it being a material item, makes it all the more valuable and sought after.

The gold-filled dental crown has already been on quite an adventure. It was gifted to Jimmy Velvet by none other than Elvis Presley’s fiancee, Linda Thompson. At some point over the years, Jimmy Velvet transferred ownership of the crown to the Elvis Presley Museum, where it was admired by fans that flocked to see a variety of items that once belonged to the star.

In 1996, a private collector purchased the crown, and it had now landed in the hands of Kruse GWS Auctions. Realizing how rare this item is, they’ve pegged the starting bidding to begin at $2,500 and anticipate that a bidding war will ensue.

Fans that are interested in bidding on what could possibly be the most personal item that once belonged to the iconic Elvis Presley will be able to do it on December 4th at 10 am PT.

If a gold dental crown isn’t quite what you had in mind, there are a variety of other items that once belonged to Elvis that are also available for auction, including a guitar signed by Robert Plant and a handwritten letter Elvis had penned for his cousin in 1958.

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