The ULTIMATE look of love: Singletons go gaga over ‘triangle method’ flirting hack that they say will make a person ‘fall in love with you’ INSTANTLY

  • TikTok creators claim the technique will make your love interest ‘fall in love’
  • It’s not a new concept, but 42.1 million views have been amassed by the hashtag
  • A body language expert says it works best when it’s ‘natural and unrehearsed’

Have you been striking out in the love department?

Well, like many other life problems these days, it seems TikTok has got you sorted.

It’s not a new concept, but the triangle method has taken over the video-sharing app as of late and people can’t stop raving about its effectiveness.

One of those creators is Valeria Romero, from Atlanta, whose TikTok video details the concept and has been viewed more than 6.8 million at the time of writing.

‘The triangle method that would make your SP (specific person) be obsessed or fall in love with you,’ the overlaid text reads at the start of the clip.

Valeria Romero is one of the TikTok creators who have spoken out about the triangle method

She explained the flirting technique that has garnered more than 42.1 million views under its hashtag, saying: ‘You’re going to look at their right eye, then to their mouth and to the left eye’

Perfect your technique! How to pull off the ‘triangle method’ 

Valerie goes on to say: ‘I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the triangle method, but I tried it. So let me tell you the story, but first let me tell you how to do it.

‘Say that you’re having a conversation with the person. So what you want to do first is to have eye contact with them.

‘Then you’re going to look at their right eye, then to their mouth and to the left eye.’

Valeria then demonstrates what the eye movement should be.

‘You’re forming like a triangle or you can do the same by looking at their right eye, their left and then their mouth,’ she said.

After explaining how it worked, Valeria shared how it had worked for her.

‘So I was hanging out with this boy and we were having a deep conversation, right?’ she explained.

‘We were looking at the sunset and everything and he was sitting across from me, and then he kept looking at me, so I did that (the triangle method) and I’m telling you this guy was like… I know he fell in love in that moment.’ 

Another creator CharlesTheGr8 seems to have been on the receiving end of the triangle method and it appears to have been effective

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And she’s not alone in her interest, with more than 42.1 million views amassed by the hashtag.

Another creator CharlesTheGr8 seems to have been on the receiving end of the triangle method and it appears to have been effective.

In a TikTok video, the seven-second clip cuts between the creator playing two people in a conversation – one is himself and the other is a woman he’s talking to.

‘Me casually talking,’ the overlaid text appears over the segment when he’s playing himself.

It cuts to him playing the woman with the words: ‘Her doing the triangle method.’

Playing himself, CharlesTheGr8 stops talking and gives his companion a flirty look.

The video has been seen more than 3.1 million times. 

‘This works very well. I did it on my crush and ever since I always catch her staring at me or when I stare at her she holds the eye contact,’ one person said in response to Valeria’s video. 

‘Deffo works,’ another added.

‘Some girl did this to me n i folded so hard,’ a social media user wrote, with someone else saying: ‘I just realized I kinda do it all the time.’

People on the social media app have reported carrying out the method as well as being on the receiving end

Body language expert Judi James, who has been writing about the method – which is also known as the ‘eye flick’ – for ‘many years,’ said it’s the ‘best flirting technique in the book, but only if it looks relatively natural and unrehearsed.’

‘The eye contact itself is an attraction signal, but the eye expression needs to look soft and more of an eye-smile to keep it light and fun-flirtatious rather than a stare that could be seen as intimidating,’ Judi told 

‘And you do need to watch out that you are in tune with their eye-gaze. If the other person is shy and less comfortable with eye contact you will need to do this in small doses to avoid making them feel uncomfortable.

‘Otherwise though the eye contact followed by the flick down to the lips and back up will look like a signal that you are suggesting or giving approval signals for a kiss.’

And Judi said the ‘eye-smile’ was crucial to the success of this move.

If you’re just looking down at their lips without that hint of a smile they might worry they have food stuck in their teeth or that their lipstick is smudged,’ she explained.

Judi added: ‘Of course the big problem here is the transition from a clever, subtle body language technique to a viral “trick.”

‘Like any body language techniques the minute it switches from subliminal to conscious and performed it can lose its magic and its effectiveness. 

‘It’s one thing to feel someone [is] flirting [by] throwing approval signals at you, but another thing entirely when you groan because someone is clearly trying the “triangle technique” out on you and making it feel contrived.’

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