The ANTI-Rich Kids of Instagram! People poke fun at the lavish lifestyle with home-made designer gear and own-brand champagne

  • Anti-rich kids of Instagram share their honest lifestyle posts on social media 
  • Hilarious attempts to replicate Rich Kids lifestyle – but without the cash to match 
  • From a paper Rolex to showing off £10 notes, they’re shameless in their efforts 

From wearing designer clothes and relaxing on yachts to driving the latest sports car, Rich Kids of Instagram are an envy-inducing tribe who boast about the best of their posh lifestyles online.

Taking to Instagram, social media users from around the world have shared pictures, under hashtags #NotARichKidOfInstagram and #BudgetLife, of their inventive methods to replicate the luxury lifestyle. 

However, it’s a far cry from the good life, as these social media users show off their humorous attempts to copy the Rich Kids of Instagram life – without the credit card or bank balance to match.

From second hand cars, dodgy home cinemas and self-made designer gear, these social media users are shameless in their efforts to copy the Rich Kids lifestyle.

One social media user, from Tehran, created their ‘Rich kids’ lifestyle with the help of some A4 paper and a little doodling 

Far from the ease of a chauffeur driven car this Instagram user, whose location is unknown, shows what happens when you’re driving a second hand vehicle 


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