Teen Mom star Cheyenne Floyd may be a newly married woman, but that doesn’t mean she put her husband’s name on the deed.

The reality star married Zach Davis in September 2022 after years of dating. The couple share a son, Ace, 15 months, in addition to her daughter Ryder from her relationship with Cory Wharton.

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Zach and Cheyenne moved their family into a new home in Northridge, California late last year, but paperwork recently revealed that only her name is listed under house ownership.

According to The Sun, the mortgage deed confirms that only Cheyenne’s name is on the home. She took out a loan of $1.59 million to buy the home at $1.98 million. Cheyenne closed the deal on October 13, 2022, only weeks after her wedding.

The stunning house features 4,300 square feet of living space, and comes with features like a patio and stainless steel appliances. Plus, it comes with sprawling views of the mountains.

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Posting to Instagram, Cheyenne recently boasted that they’ve incorporated a podcast room as well as a man cave into the home for Zach.

The couple also gave fans an inside look at the space with a tour of the mansion in a vlog posted to YouTube in October. “Welcome to my beautiful home. This is Casa de Davis,” Zach said.

Cheyenne chimed in, “This is my room that I am most excited for because this is my space. We’re gonna have a big sign that says ‘Cheyenne’s Space: Don’t Enter.’”

Zach added, “She really thinks this is gonna be her space, but little does she know I’m about to start my own podcast, so I will be right in here too.”

It’s unclear why Cheyenne left Zach’s name out of the deed, but it’s speculated that his recent legal troubles could have something to do with it. Following a DUI in October 2020, Zach pleaded ‘no contest’ and was sentenced to four months in jail, 60 months of probation, and a $500 fine, shortly before his wedding to Cheyenne.

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Zach ultimately didn’t have to serve jail time, due to credit from time served when he was originally arrested. But the incident still could’ve affected his ability to secure a bank loan.

Zach has a lengthy criminal history, which includes charges related to breaking probation, theft, and other driving offenses. He previously spent time in jail and on probation.

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