It’s no secret that going into Target to buy a simple item is like entering a black hole and suddenly emerging with about 15 things you didn’t know you needed. (It’s always sunglasses for me. Why is it always sunglasses?!)

Now Target is launching a way to feel good about all the extra spending you’re doing with its new loyalty program. The program, called Target Circle, launches October 6 and comes with a whole host of incentives for shopping.

First off, you can earn 1% on all your purchases to redeem later when you’re a Target Circle member. That may not sound like a lot, but um, hello, every little bit counts when it comes to holiday shopping. Members will also receive personalized deals and offers as well as a birthday present!

Target Circle members can also vote on the company’s charitable contributions and will have access to some special sales. Basically, there are tons of things to feel good about when you enroll.

The best part is that becoming a member is totally free, which means there is pretty much no reason not to do it. If you have a account or RedCard, you will be automatically enrolled in the program, but if you don’t, you can still sign up for an account and be automatically enrolled, or give your phone number at a physical store to start racking up deals.

We still have a little less than a month before the program launches, so it may be worth holding off on your Target runs until then…but let’s be honest, we all know you can’t wait that long.

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