Here comes heartbreak! Snaps reveal the most brutal break-up methods – from a lipstick note on the mirror to a cake with a VERY harsh message

  • Daily Bee has rounded up photos from around the world of brutal breakups
  • One image shows a dumping message written in lipstick on a bathroom mirror
  • Another snap reveals a cake with a note about moving abroad written in icing 

Breaking up is never a pleasant business, but some people were so desperate to take the sting away that they ended up doing something hilariously inappropriate.  

People from around the world have taken to social media to share photos of brutal breakups, with Daily Bee rounding up a selection of the most eye-opening examples for an amusing gallery.

Among the snaps was a message on a bathroom mirror written in lipstick, saying the person seeing their reflection has been dumped.

Another photo shows someone else using a ‘knock knock’ joke to end a relationship because they didn’t want to be ‘too harsh’. 

Daily Bee has rounded up a selection of photos that have gone viral on social media for the brutal ways people have been dumped – including one that shows a message written on a bathroom mirror 

Getting the last laugh! One person claimed they texted their former partner a ‘knock knock’ joke because they wanted to breakup without being ‘too harsh’

Another individual decided to bake a cake and used icing to break the news that they will be moving abroad 

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Passing the blame! A woman who was left unimpressed by the jokes told by her boyfriend said he was consistently making himself look bad 

One person was left speechless after their former lover told them they are breaking up and intend not to find someone similar in the future 

Another woman rearranged the name of her store to announce that she’s getting a divorce and keeping the family’s dog 

Be careful what you wish for! An individual who was dreaming of marrying their partner was left in shock after they confessed to wanting to break up before things get serious 

Sometimes being unique is not a selling point! A quirky personality will only get you so far it seems 

That’s one way to advertise you’re moving out! A wife in the US made sure her cheating husband was publicly shamed before she moved out 

One person found themselves speechless as their ex-partner explained the abbreviation they texted meant the end of their relationship 

Another singleton penned a lengthy list of reasons they want to breakup including the way their ex eats their cereal and choice of email address 

Get the message! Someone tried to let their love interest down gently by alluding to celebrity couples who have broken up but they just wouldn’t take the hint 

A man who tried to propose to his girlfriend via text was left single after she admitted to wanting to break up

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