Elizabeth Hurley slays on her social media and in sales after modeling in her swimwear line, Elizabeth Hurley Beach.

It seems that many celebrities are quick to start their side hustles to ride the wave of their success and generate more income for themselves. Hinging on their fame, many stars take advantage of their privileged positions by launching their product lines, and the results are usually in their favor. However, there are some celebrities that nail it and find a unique way to generate millions by grabbing the attention of their fans in a special way, and Elizabeth Hurley has done just that. Her entrepreneurial skills really shone when she decided against following the masses and creating a beauty line or a skincare line. In spite of the fact that those have proven to be extremely lucrative ventures, she opted to monopolize on her signature trademark to create success in a different realm than her acting career.

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Perhaps one of the most low-key entrepreneurs of our time, Elizabeth’s secret is a simple one. Rather than in-your-face advertising for the mere purpose of making her brand a household name, Elizabeth Hurley Beach has been selling an abundance of swimwear in a simpler, quieter way. All she has had to do to wear her own products.

Fans may have wondered why Elizabeth Hurley takes so many snaps and videos of herself in bikinis, and now they understand. The 56-year-old actress is in impeccable shape and prides herself on keeping her body fitter than a teenager. She is always seen on social media in a wide array of bikinis and stylish one-piece swimsuits – all of which are available for sale.

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Rather than drill her products into mainstream media with fancy ad campaigns and marketing schemes, all this gorgeous, brilliant actress has to do is wear her own swimwear items and post the images on Instagram.

In fact, she’s been doing this for a jaw-dropping 16 years. Elizabeth Hurley Beach has been thriving since it was first launched in 2005.

Swimsuits are often available for flash sales, and those who stop long enough to click on any one of Hurley’s Instagram photos will see that there are specials and deals along with descriptions of the item in each of her posts.

The actress has brilliantly managed to sell an abundance of her own merchandise while also modeling her own product line, proving to the world that the most successful form of advertising is self-promotion, paired with passion.

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