After being separated throughout the pandemic, Meri Brown has an emotional reunion with Robyn’s kids and gets to spend quality time with them in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the all-new ‘Sister Wives.’

The time has finally come. Meri Brown is going to be able to visit Robyn Brown and the kids at Robyn’s house. Due to Kody Brown’s strict COVID-19 pandemic rules, it’s been so long since Meri has been able to see Robyn’s kids. “We’ve been very, very careful through this whole pandemic,” Robyn admits in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the January 9 episode of Sister Wives.

Robyn says that her family is “very affectionate and it’s a really big deal to be able to hug and touch someone else.” When Meri arrives, she tells her son Solomon that he can open the door. “Can I touch her?” Solomon asks. When Robyn says yes, he gets even more excited.

The kids all run to the door to hug Meri. She’s filming the reunion on her phone. Meri starts to tear up as soon as she sees the kids. Breanna, Aurora, and Dayton all join Solomon in hugging Meri. They are so excited to see her after so much time apart. This is just what they all needed.

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“I’m just glad that this is finally happening,” an emotional Meri says. “It’s just been a really, really long time. It’s just now normal and natural for family to be separated like this.”

Robyn notices that Meri is overwhelmed with emotions after reuniting with the kids. They come together for another sweet group hug. “I can see that Meri is, like, starting to get emotional, and she’s trying not to make it a big deal cause that’s Meri,” Robyn says. “But I can only imagine after so long of just not being able to be around people to just sit there and just be hugged by a whole bunch of kids that love you.” Sister Wives airs Sundays at 10 p.m. on TLC.

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