Not quite love at first sight! Singletons reveal their toe-curling blind date stories including a man who said his date was FAT

  • Singletons have shared some of their most cringe-worthy experiences so far
  • A man told his red headed date to dye her hair as he said ginger locks were ‘ugly’
  • A woman claimed she had her date for all of two minutes before he threw up
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Going on a blind date can be very nerve racking, but it can also make for an amusing story if things don’t quite go to plan. 

Singletons from across the globe have shared some of their most cringeworthy experiences so far – and if these awful anecdotes are anything to go by, you’ll be put off dating for life!

There has been no shortage of stories on Whisper, as women recall their terrible first dates, from people who asked them to dye their hair to others making inappropriate comments about their weight. 

Here, FEMAIL picks the most awkward first date blunders that will make your toes curl… 

Sparks can fly on a good first date, but the bad ones can be cringeworthy, awkward and downright uncomfortable. This anonymous redheaded woman shared on secrets app Whisper that her date asked if she could dye her hair a different colour because ‘ginger hair is ugly’ 


It’s difficult to think of things to talk about on blind dates, but this person found it that difficult they could not get off the subject of their dead cat

This person ran out on a blind date because she told them she had a two year old kid – and no one warned them before hand

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