SHOPPERS can't get enough of an air fryer that's been slashed by nearly £100.

Studio is selling the six litre fryer for £39 instead of £130 – a whopping70% discount.

The appliance comes with 1,800 watt power, a LCD screen with digital controls and detachable basket.

It also features a 30-minute timer so you can set it live and go about your day while your food cooks.

The fryer comes with a 4.5 out of 5 star rating too, with dozens of customers full of praise for the appliance.

One said: "Amazing and what a bargain, never used my cooker since.

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"Its very stylish very easy to work."

A second shopper described it as the "best ever", adding it was great value.

A third enthusiastic customer said: "Love this I use it nearly every day its the best one I have had and so easy to clean."

Of course, you should always shop around when buying something like this.

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Just because Studio is selling a six litre model for £39 that doesn't mean you can't get it cheaper elsewhere.

You can use websites like or the Google Shopping tab to compare products.

When we checked out similar 1,800 watt six litre air fryers we couldn't find any cheaper than Studio though.

Dunelm is selling a similar-style model for £65 while Asda has a 6.2litre fryer on sale for £59, so you're paying at least £20 more.

Are air fryers really worth it?

Air fryers have surged in popularity since energy bills soared as they can be cheaper to use than a conventional oven.

That said, that's not always the case, and it does depend on the model of air fryer.

In fact, money-saving expert Martin Lewis recently issued a warning that it's not always cheaper to use the gadgets.

If you are weighing up whether to buy an air fryer, you can use a simple formula to figure out how much it costs.

Cost = power (in kWh) × time (in hours) × price of 1 kilowatt on your energy tariff.

So, if for example, you have an air fryer that consumes 2,000 watts, you are using it for one hour and the cost of electricity is priced at 34p per 1,000 watts, the formula would be:

2 x 1 x 34p = 68p

The six litre Studio air fryer has 1,800 watt power.

So the formula to work out how much that costs to use for an hour is:

1.8 x 1 x 34p = 61.2p

You can use the same formula with any appliance, so you can do this with your oven and work out the difference in price.

For example, a normal oven uses between 900 and 3,500 watts of power.

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So if you bought one on the lower-end of the power scale, it would actually be cheaper to use that than the Studio fryer.

That said, sometimes it's easier and more convenient to cook something quicker in the air fryer, and use less oil making them a healthier option.

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