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We’ve done the most for our cats, to say the least. We try to splurge on the best toys that’ll make them super happy and entertained, the cutest scratching posts that make everyone smile, and more. Now, we’re trying to expand on the joy by getting them this Amazon favorite treat we’re sure your cats won’t be able to get enough of!

Cat Crack.

Cat Crack Catnip$9.99on Amazon.comBuy now

The Cat Crack Catnip is a premium catnip blend that’s infused with maximum potency for ensuring your cat has the craziest, best play time, or some much-needed relaxation from their anxiety. Made with the highest quality of catnip, this cult-favorite product claims to make your cat as happy as can be for hours on end, whether it be for playing with their scratching posts or getting some much-needed exercise.

Per the brand, all you have to do is sprinkle a little bit either on their toys, the floor, or on your cat and watch the magic happen!

With over 28,000 reviews at 4.3 stars, it’s not surprising that this is a favorite amongst cat owners everywhere. One shopper said their “cats love it,” saying, “I recently adopted two elderly cats and added them to our own elderly cat family. So there was some extreme anxiety levels all around. Cat Crack has helped immensely. Everyone is getting along and for oldsters(18 years old, and 15 yrs old) everyone has rediscovered how to play.”

Another shopper added that it really helps them relieve their cats of their anxiety, “Buddy is a bit of an awkward cat, he is very anxious and isn’t sure how to play… He eats the nip and chills right out. I’ve tried so many expensive supplements for anxiety that didn’t do anything, never thought catnip would do the trick! My boy is full of surprises 🙂 so happy we gave this a shot!”

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