Since the first cyborg was created back in 2017, sex robots have been rising in popularity.

Not only have they had a huge impact on the dating world, they’re even making appearances in brothels across Europe.

And as there’s no sign of the sex robot craze slowing down, women at the world’s largest brothel are preparing to accept the fate.

In fact, a sex worker from Sheri’s Ranch, a legal brothel near Nevada, believe the cyborgs will have a benefit on their industry.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Sky, a sex worker from the resort, claims that robots could be a useful tool for her.

“We offer our clients much more, including sex education services”


She said: “Many people believe sex workers offer only recreational sexual experiences to our clientele, but the truth is that we offer our clients much more, including sex education services.

“Many men and women visit me to learn how to perform better in bed with their partner.

“I’ve worked with adult virgins that have had virtually no experience with women, men coping with erectile dysfunction and women having difficulty achieving orgasm.

“Sex workers are as much sex educators as we are sexual fantasy fulfillers.”

Sky even claimed the sex robots will save relationships as they’re not considered as cheating.

She added: “In the future, sex robots may be a way that sex workers can educate clients about better sex while maintaining client fidelity, since having sex with an anatomically correct robot wouldn’t be considered cheating.

“A sex robot is ultimately just a trumped-up sex toy. Without the consultation and encouragement from the sex worker, the sex robot alone will never be able to improve a client’s sex life.”

With the increasing demand of sex robots, the brothel has begun offering therapy sessions to help cure the addiction.

Speaking previously to Daily Star Online, sex worker Roxanne Price revealed her latest service.

To help “digisexuals” – people with a sexual attraction to sex bots – the 25-year-old is helping people to explore their sexuality.

She said: “There are people in the world that are authentically digisexuals, but I believe that these people are rare and that I can help cure sex robot addiction in most people.

“For the vast majority of people, sex robots can’t measure up to a really rewarding sex experience with a human. I’m here to make sure people have those great sex opportunities.”

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