A savvy mum saves up to £80 on cinema trips with her family – by taking in her own hot dogs and nachos.

Casey Major-Bunce would spend around £120 on tickets and snacks each time her family-of-six went to see a film.

Now she claims she’s saving £1,200 per year by not forking out on cinema grub.

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The mum-of-four puts her preheated hot dog sausages in a flask and takes buns, mustard and ketchup ready to assemble before the lights go down.

She fills old Costa cups with shop-bought nachos and even takes her own nacho cheese sauce to enjoy at the flicks.

Casey, 33, of Portsmouth, left, said: “We have four children so going to the cinema and buying the tickets and hot dogs, drinks and nachos and snacks costs around £120 for the whole family.

“But by making your own snacks, just the tickets are around £40 or £50 maximum. You’re saving about £70 or £80.”

She added: “It’s not like I’m bringing something alien into the cinema that would upset other customers with the smell. They sell hot dogs at the cinema.

“I wouldn’t ever take any food that they didn’t sell as I wouldn’t want to upset anyone.

"I’m just saving myself money.”

Elsewhere, another money saving mum revealed her recipe for her DIY Lunchables.

The mum-of-six went viral on TikTok for the budget version of the cracker snacks.

She bought the items from Aldi to cut the costs of making her children lunch.

The popular cracker stacking snack usually costs around £1.60, which would cost the mum £9.60 if she bought a pack each for her six children.

However, her version comes in at just 56p per person, or a little over £3.30 per child.

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