Reese Witherspoon just landed one of five new covers of Time Magazine’s business cover and for good reason! Witherspoon’s production company, Hello Sunshine has been named as one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Companies after it made an extraordinary impact around the world.

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On her Instagram account, the Big Little Lies star shared a photo of Time Magazine cover alongside an inspiring caption.

“If you told my third-grade self, the one who started her first business customizing hair barrettes out of her desk, that one day she would be on the cover of Time Magazine as a businesswoman, she would have said, ‘That’s So Rad!’ *or something very 80s like that,” she wrote.

Witherspoon also said that getting recognized as a business leader is such a humbling experience. She also gushed over her production company, who is focused on adapting books by female authors.

“I’m so proud of my company @HelloSunshine. The minute my career became about amplifying other women’s voices, and creating more for others, the world opened up for me in the most incredible ways. FEMALE PARTNERSHIP is the most POWERFUL FUEL on the planet. Thank you to the enormously talented women who have collaborated with me and shared their stories/ screenplays/books with @hellosunshine and @reesesbookclub. My biggest hope is this cover might inspire other little girls to think ‘I can do that!’ Because women will change the world. One story at a time,” she wrote.

In her Time Magazine feature, the Little Fires Everywhere star revealed that Hello Sunshine grew out of her earlier production company, Pacific Standard.

As Hello Sunshine grew, the actress realized that there was a need to team up with some deep-pocketed partners that could help take the company to the next level.

With the help of her entire team, Witherspoon said that her production company is able to provide women in Hollywood with quality material and pave the way for them to become producers on their own projects. As a result, they are also able to receive bigger paychecks.

Witherspoon launched Hello Sunshine in November 2016. The success of the production company has also made it possible for the actress to rake in her $200 million net worth.

According to reports, Witherspoon earned $1.25 million per episode of Big Little Lies. Since she also produced the limited series on HBO, she also received an additional income from the project.

The actress also earned $1.1 million per episode of Little Fires Everywhere.

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Source: Time Magazine, Stylecaster

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