Often people leave reviews regarding the food or service at a restaurant – some are bad, others are good, while some can be outright disturbing.

Speaking of disturbing, this one pub was left with a rather grizzly review of a customer's toilet experience – and now many people are urging them to throw away their cutlery.

A mate of the pub landlord shared the confession that was posted on TripAdvisor in December 2021 to Reddit.

The "delightful" one star review was titled: “The toilets were poor. Faeces removal was required."

The customer began the critique with a casual comment, remarking: “The lunch here was mediocre.”

But the claims only got progressively wilder.

They continued: “On a more pressing note I went to the toilet and despite excreting faeces on the larger side I should have been able to flush sufficiently. The flush mechanism was weak and poor.”

Stuck with a large log in the loo, the pub-goer took matters into their own hands.

They said: “I actually had to cut it up with my knife and fork from the table and move it to another toilet.”

But the antics did not stop there.

He admitted: “I did return the cutlery though. A very strange experience.

“I wouldn’t recommend eating here again purely in case you get the cutlery I used to dispose of my business.”

Grossed out by the punter's toilet confession, many people fled to the comments in horror.

One person commented: “Why did he use a fork like it was a sausage. This is what grossed me out the most and is going to stop me sleeping tonight.”

Another user added: “Would be an interesting conversation starter in the bogs and you see someone between cubicles…

“'Hello, and what's that you have on your fork?'”

A third gasped: “The f*** did I just read? Leave the landmine where it lays.”

Someone else shared: “Now I have this mental image of a bloke with a napkin bib studiously sawing away at a Swiss Roll sized log in the bowl.

“Definitely top 10 in terms of mental images I don't need in my life.”

As a fifth person urged: “I would replace all the cutlery if I were your mate.”

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