Princess of Wales’ hidden style message? Kate wore new £825 necklace ‘manifests dreams and brings success’ amid Prince Harry’s attacks

  • Kate’s £825 gold pendant necklace is by London designer Daniella Draper
  • The Princess has worn several of the designer’s necklaces over the years
  • Amber pendant ‘manifests dreams and brings success’, according to designer
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The Princess of Wales chose a necklace which appeared to have a personal meaning for her engagement at Hampton Court palace yesterday.

The royal mother-of-three, 41, looked effortlessly elegant in a £1,200 Roland Mouret burgundy suit as she arrived at her reception for members of the England Wheelchair Rugby League team.

Layered over her thin white jumper, Kate wore a £825 necklace by one of her favourite jewellers Daniella Draper.

The brand’s Gold Citrine Baby Treasure Necklace has a thin and dainty chain and includes one of the birthstones for November.

The Princess of Wales wore a Roland Mouret burgundy suit for her engagement at Hampton Court yesterday. The mother-of-three completed her outfit with his £825 gold necklace by Daniella Draper 

According to the product description, this specific stone – which can vary from a pale yellow shade to deep amber – is believed to promote positivity in the wearer’s life.

The website reads: ‘The birthstone for November, citrine assists in manifesting your biggest dreams, bringing in more success and prosperity.’ 

The royal mother-of-three has previously been pictured wearing two of the brand’s gold necklaces – which both featured her children’s initials.

In May 2021, Kate wore a £495 Daniella Draper chain which had ‘G’, ‘C’ and ‘L’ charms as she she visited a tennis court in Scotland with Prince William.

The amber pendant ‘manifests dreams and brings success’, according to designer. The dainty necklace retails at £825

She also owns the £1,070 ‘Personalised Gold Midnight Moon Necklace’, which is engraved with the letters ‘G, L, C’ and a trio of stars. 

Kate wore this piece during a visit to Cardiff in January 2020 to launch a landmark survey on early childhood development.

Online, the product description reads: ‘The moon is universally representing the rhythm of time as it embodies the cycle. The phases of the moon symbolise immortality, eternity and enlightenment.’

Daniella Draper, who hails from Cleethorpes, Lincolnshire, previously revealed her fledgling business got a lucky break when she was 21, when Kate Moss was photographed wearing an ‘armful’ of her silver bangles.

Over a decade later and her brand is now popular among the likes of Ellie Goulding, Brooklyn Beckham, Ed Sheeran and Chloe Grace Moretz – and now royalty.

Kate Middleton paid a sweet tribute to her children in May 2021 with a personalised charm necklace by Daniella Draper bearing their initials

The Duchess of Cambridge  wore the delicate chain by British jewellery designer Daniella Draper, priced at £495, during her and Prince William’s final day of engagements in Scotland

Kate Middleton donned a gold necklace by Daniella Draper featuring a pendant engraved the with initials of her children as she stepped out in Cardiff in January 2020

The necklace was engraved with ‘G, L, C’ in tribute to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis – and was complete with a trio of stars (pictured)

In his bombshell memoir Spare, which hit shelves earlier this month, Prince Harry claimed he was encouraged by his brother and sister-in-law to wear a controversial Nazi costume to a fancy dress party.

Elsewhere in the book, the Duke of Sussex also shared Kate and Meghan Markle’s personal text messages concerning Princess Charlotte’s bridesmaid dress in the lead-up to his 2018 wedding.

Harry insists the incident was driven by his sister-in-law Kate, who appeared irritated that it had taken Meghan a day to get back to her about the problem.

The disagreement between the two women was, he claims, further exacerbated by Kate’s unwillingness to visit Meghan’s tailor at Kensington Palace and suggestions that they hold a party for the page boys when his bride-to-be was busy dealing with a row with her father, Thomas Markle.

Kate and Meghan exchanged a series of texts (re-created, above) about the bridesmaid dress, according to Harry 

Kate and Meghan ‘didn’t get on from the get-go’ 


After informing Kate that she had arranged a tailor to sort Charlotte’s dress, the Princess of Wales allegedly told Meghan that her ‘own wedding gown designer’ agreed with her that the frocks should be remade.

Harry writes: ‘Meg asked if Kate was aware of what was going on right now. With her father. Kate said she was well aware, but the dresses. And the wedding is in four days!’

‘Yes, Kate, I know….’ his fiancée replied sharply. 

He also claims that his sister-in-law had ‘problems with the way Meg was planning her wedding. Something about a party for the page boys? It went back and forth’.

The prince reports his wife as saying: ‘I’m not sure what else to say. If the dress doesn’t fit then please take Charlotte to see Ajay. He’s been waiting all day.’

‘Fine’, Kate is said to have replied.

Harry states that he arrived home a short time later, which suggests that he and his ghost writer were given an account of the actual conversation by Meghan, to find his fiancée ‘on the floor sobbing’.

While he says he was ‘horrified’ to see her so upset, he didn’t think it a catastrophe as emotions were understandably high. He told Meghan that ‘Kate hadn’t meant any harm’.

He suggests his point was proved when the then Duchess of Cambridge came round the next morning with flowers and a card to say sorry.

There have been several different versions over the years of who made whom cry.

It was initially claimed that Meghan made Kate weep, a suggestion that so incensed the Sussexes they went to war with their press office and demanded they put out a correction.

When officials refused, saying it would spark more questions about the incident and set a precedent for speaking about private family matters, the couple decreed that it was another example of how the palace was unwilling to stand up for them.

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