Is this the "psycho" seagull that snatched a chihuahua?

The fierce-looking gull was pictured surveying the scene shortly after the beloved pet was snatched from her garden on Sunday afternoon.

The chihuahua, named Gizmo, was grabbed from the home of Becca Hill, 24, in Paignton, in front of her stunned partner.

The couple said the four-year-old dog was carried away by the "psycho" gull, and has not been seen since.

Neighbours claim fierce seagulls have snatched rabbits from the ground in recent weeks – and one expert said it is only a matter of time before a baby is stolen.

There have been no reported sightings since – but on the same street a menacing looking gull has since been photographed on top of a chimney.

 One neighbour said: "It is impossible to know if this particular gull was responsible but the way he was lurking must surely make him the prime suspect."

They added: "The whole community has heard about what happened. There have been posters up and it is quite shocking when you think about it.

"We have heard reports that rabbits have also been snatched from the ground. I guess it was only time until they progressed – but it must be very distressing for Becca and her family.

"It is hard to believe a dog can be taken in this way though."

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